Mar 26, 2012

The World-Famous Alcazar Show In Pattaya

Alcazar Show In Pattaya

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Known as one of the few must-see entertainment options in Pattaya, the Alcazar show in Pattaya has been one of Thailand’s best cabaret shows for over 20 years. Stunning costumes, beautifully designed sets, and some truly magnificent “ladies” make Alcazar more like a mini-Broadway show than a traditional cabaret show.

Alcazar Vs. Tiffany’s?

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The Alcazar show in Pattaya has been in direct competition with Tiffany’s Cabaret Show since its inception. Tiffany’s is Southeast Asia’s first, and longest running transvestite cabaret show, and its performers have been wowing audiences for over 30 years. Alcazar and Tiffany’s are similar theaters in size and shape, and both feature song and dance routines from all over the world. Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Thai songs are featured in both hour-long productions.

Performances & Choreography at Alcazar

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The ladyboys at both shows are revered for their beauty. While beauty is a highly subjective topic, cabaret performances are less-so, and that’s where Alcazar separates itself from Tiffany’s. Alcazar’s performances come complete with masterful choreography and synchronization. At the end of the night, the show’s endearing performances, amazing lighting and sound, and impressive array of “ladies” make the 75 minute show at Alcazar is an absolute must-see.

Unlike at Tiffany’s, still photography is allowed during the show at Alcazar. After the show you can take photos with the performers for a few baht. The venue also offers a DVD of the show available for purchase.

Alcazar Is Family Friendly

Though it’s considered to be a cabaret show, and you will see ladyboys scantily clad for the duration of the show, Alcazar is a relatively tame cabaret show. Many of the show’s racy influences from 20 years ago have been toned down, as evidenced by the presence of the many families you will see at the 6:30 PM show. Families are welcome, though children’s tickets are not discounted. Shows begin nightly at 6:30 PM, 8:00 PM, and 9:30 PM.

Book With A Travel Agent

These shows sell out, purchase your tickets in advance. Booking with a travel agent can get you about 200 baht off of a VIP ticket. Tickets at the door (if available) cost 800 baht, but many can be had for 600-650 baht.

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