Jan 22, 2012


The Brickfields in Kuala Lumpur

The Brickfields, formerly an Indian residential neighborhood located just south of Kuala Lumpur‘s city centre, is now a burgeoning commercial district and tourist destination. Modern high-rise buildings and five-star hotels overlook shanties, swarming open-air markets, “banana-leaf” restaurants, religious temples, mosques, and many of Kuala Lumpur‘s Indian cultural relics. Helped along by the development of KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur‘s ultra-modern railway hub, the Brickfields, or “Little India” is a remarkably easy travel hub or hotel destination for travelers.Truly one of the best places outside of India to immerse yourself in Indian culture, Brickfields gives off an untamed, edgy atmosphere. Traditionally regarded as a dangerous neighborhood, the neighborhood has upgraded its image in the 21st century. This symbol of urban blight is now a sightseers delight, exhibiting a fusion of old-world colonial, Chinese and Indian architectural styles and influences.


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A quick trip from Kuala Lumpur‘s city centre to Brickfields is a trip to sights, sounds, smells, and crowds that exist nowhere else in the city.The main attraction of Brickfields for travelers is the food. Kuala Lumpur‘s unofficial “Little India” serves up some the best South Indian cuisine in the country. If you’re hungry, a plethora of banana leaf shops in Brickfields are your best bet for quality, convenience, and price. Find heaping plates of traditional Indian cuisine for RM3 (less than 1 USD). Try one of dozens of street-side stalls or experience some of the finest South Indian food that the country has to offer at the original Seetharam Family Curry House, Vishal’s Food and Catering, or Moorthy’s Mathai. Brickfields also has several Chinese style coffeeshops, and touts two new five-star restaurants.

the brickfields

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Whether it’s the food, the culture, or the proximity to Kuala Lumpur‘s transit hub, Brickfield’s is a fascinating and unique neighborhood which boasts some of the best budget hotels in the city. For backpackers, or those looking to pinch penny’s, the neighborhood offers several hostels (including the YMCA), and hole-in-the-wall hotels. For the budget conscious traveler with more discerning tastes, the Hotel Sentral

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Brickfields Hotels

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