May 8, 2012

Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat Festival 2012

The Dragon Boat Festival, or Tuen Ng, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year. This year’s Dragon Boat Festival will be celebrated in Hong Kong on June 23rd, 2012. While the popularity of Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat Festival 2012 have allowed it spread all over the world, Hong Kong’s combination of traditional reverence and competitive fervor make it the best place in the world to celebrate this raucous event.

What Is The Significance of Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat Festival?

Hong Kong's Dragon Boat Festival 2012

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The festival was inspired by ancient Chinese folklore. Today, that folklore still influences the traditions that you’ll see at the festivals in 2012. The Story: In an act of protest against government corruption, Chinese poet Qu Yuan threw himself into the Mi Lo River and never surfaced. Residents rushed to his aid, beating drums and tossing rice dumplings into the water in the hopes that fish wouldn’t eat his body. Two-thousand years later, the holidays is celebrated with rice dumplings, drumming, and boat races.

Where Is The Dragon Boat Festival Celebrated?

Hong Kong's Dragon Boat Festival 2012 Photo

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This local holiday has spread internationally, and is celebrated all around the world. It has been celebrated in New York City for almost 20 straight years. Dragon Boat Festivals are great party environments throughout the world, and though the Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat Festivals include tradition, and religious practices, there are great parties to be found in Hong Kong during the festivals.

Tourists Party, Athletes Compete

Hong Kong's Dragon Boat Festival 2012 Image

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Hong Kong's Dragon Boat Festival 2012 Picture

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A strong sense of community pervades the festival atmosphere. Locals and ex-pats gather around Hong Kong’s waterways to “eat, drink and be merry”. Parties and events last throughout the day. The races themselves are taken far more seriously. Boats are blessed in the days leading up to the festival. Burnt offerings, and prayers are made to the gods. Training and preparation for the races is taken very seriously. The steersman, the paddlers, the pacers, and the drummers are trained to serve a very specific purpose on the 20-man boats, and teams train for months prior to the races. In Hong Kong you’ll see the best athletes, and the highest quality of workmanship in the boats.

Celebrate At Stanley Main Beach In 2012

Hong Kong's Dragon Boat Festival 2012 Images

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Stanley Main Beach is the place to be in 2012. Though several dragon boat races are held throughout the city, the most popular race is held in Stanley, on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island. Find a spot on the beach, or park yourself at the Promenade along the beach and watch the festivities. Bars in the area become raucous with revellers, and festivities typically last 8 or more hours on race day.

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