Apr 4, 2012

High Above The Clouds At Mt. Rinjani


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From April through November (Bali’s dry season), thousands of climbers, hikers, trekkers, and campers try their hand at conquering Mt. Rinjani, Indonesia’s second largest volcano. Located on Lombok Island in Bali, Mr. Rinjani is an active volcano standing at 3,726 metres. which plays host to a fantastic physical challenge for would-be climbers, and some of the most magnificent views in all of the natural world.


An Exciting, Challenging Climb

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Rinjani is the most challenging climbing mountain in Indonesia, and is considered to be a tougher climb than many mountains with higher elevations. A trek complete with a trip to Segara Anak, followed by an ascent to the peak of Rinjani typically takes three days for small groups, and four days for larger groups.

Potential climbers should be warned that the treks at Mt. Rinjani are not for the faint of heart. Many the mountain tour guides’ negative reviews have to do with their lack of warning of the difficulty of the climb. If you are not a regular climber, and are not in fantastic shape, any trek of Mt. Rinjani will be a physical test for you. Many trekkers who plan on summiting the mountain end up stopping after day 1 or 2 of their trek. The first day of any trek involves a roughly 7-hour hike to the rim of the crater. Elevation changes, terrain changes, and onsetting fatigue can dishearten even the most excited climbers.


Tropical to Freezing In One Day!

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Day 1 of any trek involves an abrupt shift from tropical climates, to rocky hillsides with loose soil. The crater rim is notorious for loose rocks, which cause falls, sprained ankles, and many bumps and bruises on tired and unsuspecting climbers – but the view at the top makes it all worth it.

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Multi-day trekkers, and those attempting to summit the peak should be aware that the summit of the mountain nears freezing temperatures. Rain can get heavy in the offseason, and can make hikes extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous. Many treks are cut short due to rain. Avoid attempting to trek during the offseason, and you shouldn’t have a problem.


How Do I Find A Guide?

Rinjani Mountain

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The park requires that you use a certified guide to explore Rinjani. The best guides can be found at the main trekking centres at Senaru and Sembalun Lawang. John’s Adventures is one of the most highly reputable company for guides and porters. Rinjani Eco-Trekking Service and Rinjani Trekking Club are also great choices. The very best services offer guides and porters who will pitch your tent, lend you their coat, cook you excellent meals, and for a small fee even carry your bag.

They say if you choose the right guide, you can expect to experience the trip of a lifetime. We say get in shape, you’ll want to experience life from the summit of Indonesia’s most magnificent volcano, trust us.

Mount Rinjani

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