Jan 10, 2012

Hong Kong Arts Festival in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Arts Festival

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Asia’s most impressive arts festival, the Hong Kong Arts Festival will celebrate it’s 40th anniversary from 28 January – 8 March 2012. Keeping with the Hong Kong “East meets West” ethic, this charitable, non-profit art festival features world-renowned performers alongside local and regional artists.

Beginning in 1972, as a platform to enrich the social and cultural landscape of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Arts Festival has established itself as the premier arts festival in Asia, and an eclectic cultural spectacle that is not to be missed. Beginning this month, and for the next 6 weeks 17 prestigious venues throughout Hong Kong will be set ablaze in dance, ballet, theater, opera, orchestra, and many other performances.

Main Attractions:

This year’s Hong Kong Arts Festival will feature over 200 performances and events over it’s 39-day stretch. The Festival will officially kick off with a performance by the The Hamburg Ballet, and will include many other ballet performances, including Geisha of Gion, Lyon Opera Ballet, and Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. Over 20 music performances are scheduled for the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Tinariwen (), a North African group, is gaining steam in worldwide music charts, and will be performing on 1-2 March.  Check them out below:


The opera performances will be highlighted by The Bavarian State Opera, The Golden Age of Cantonese Opera, and the Beijing Opera’s tribute to Laosheng. Other performances include the Bavarian Radio Sympony Orchestra, Charlie Haden West Quartet, and Pavel Haas Quartet.

Festival Plus

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is about more than consuming great art, each year great effort is made to promote the arts in Hong Kong through “The Hong Kong Arts Festival Plus” The programme provides hands-on instruction on many of the arts featured in the main attractions of the festival. Festival Plus features “masterclasses,” symposiums, and instruction on many forms of art including theatre and urban dance. Check the full schedule and register online to attend.

Book Now!
The Hong Kong Arts Festival is already underway, check the festival calendar
for showtimes. Previews, trailers and other video content can be found at the Hong Kong Arts Festival’s YouTube channel.

Book tickets ahead of time, many of these shows are sold out or will be buy the day of the show!

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