Jun 11, 2012

How Future Park Rangsit Brings In 1 Million Shoppers Every Week

The mall they call “Future” estimates that it brings in roughly 150,000 shoppers every single day. That’s an estimated 1,050,000 shoppers every week. So what makes Future Park Rangsit (ฟิวเจอร์พาร์ครังสิต) so special? After all, Bangkok is known for its mega malls and giant department stores…

Location Outside The City Pays Off

Outside Future Park Rangsit

via: Kusumsiri

The mall carries everything from standard department store goods to IT products to Thai street food to everyday groceries. In terms of physical product offerings, this place has it all. Of course, MBK Shopping Centre, and many others have most of the same product offerings, and are located in more high-trafficked tourist areas in Bangkok. However, with Future Park Rangsit’s location in Pathum Thani serving as a connection between central, northern, and northeastern Thailand, its location is extremely convenient for a wide swath of Thailand’s population.

Way Out In The Suburbs

Formerly known as Future Park Plaza Rangsit, the mall opened on March 17, 1995 to much anticipation. Unencumbered by Bangkok’s city zoning regulations, the developers of Future Park Rangsit were able to build one of Asia’s largest shopping malls in the surburbs.
Future Park Rangsit Map
Today, the mall spreads its department-store-limbs over 20,000 surburban metres. The biggest draw of Future Park Rangsit is that it allows visitors to shop while avoiding Bangkok’s nightmare traffic scene, and the many reasons (protests, political unrest, etc) for staying out of downtown Bangkok on a given day.

Massive Department Stores

Inside Future Park Rangsit

via: JanSchmidt

With massive department store anchor tenants driving most of the mall’s business, Future Park Rangsit has been a staple of Bangkok’s enormous shopping centers since its opening. Central Department Store, Robinson Department Store, Power Buy, Supersports, Tops Supermarket, Big C Department Store & Homeworks are several of the big-box stores that drive much of the mall’s foot traffic. With Home Pro, Major Megaplex, and Index Living Mall located adjacent to the mall, this corner of Pathum Thani is a shopping mecca.

Amusement Park & Fun World

Besides the sheer size of the mall, the real differentiator at Future Park Rangsit is Fun World, an impressive amusement park. It’s not quite Dream World, but the park features bumper cars, a monorail, arcade, and much more. The Fun World amusement park, a multi-plex cinema, and over 70 restaurants on-site keep a million patrons coming back to Future Park Rangsit every week.

From Bangkok, take a taxi or catch a bus out to Future Park Rangsit. Shop the department stores, grab some street food, enjoy a beer in the German beer garden, and bring the whole family – there’s something to do for everyone! The mall is open from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM Monday-Friday, and 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM on the weekends.

Before you go, claim “e-coupons” through Future Park Rangsit’s official website, and book a hotel nearby!

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