Apr 20, 2012

Labour Day Thailand 2012

At the start of the Thai School year, the country will celebrate with many other countries around the world, Labour Day Thailand 2012, or in Thai: วันแรงงานแห่งชาติ.  On May 1 2012  the nationally recognized bank holiday will be celebrated in Thailand.  This day, like in other countries such as the US, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam is an observed holiday where most financial institutions are closed for the day.  This year, in 2012, Labour Day will coincide with May Day, or International Worker’s Day.

Labour Day Thailand 2012

via: Bangkok Post

This Labour Day 2012 in Thailand, the workers of the country will be celebrated and honored to recognize the economic achievements of the country.   Thailand will organize performances of song and dance to show the gratitude towards the working citizens of the country.

Schools and government organizations will host the events in their local cities for the enjoyment of the people living there.  Since this marks the beginning of the school year for the children, most kids will be starting school at this time of the year and already have the day off for the celebrations.

In the Royal Plaza, there will be speeches to the public about Thailand and its history.  In past years, the Thai Labour Reconciliation Committee and also the State Enterprise Labour Relations Confederation will present their float to honor the workers and worker’s history.  The processions usually begins in from of parliament and moving throughout the city.


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