Mar 2, 2012

Magha Puja Day 2012

The Buddhist holiday Magha Puja Day is coming up and those who celebrate the holiday (mainly in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos) is coming up on the 7th of March this year.  Since it falls on the full moon day of the third luna month, the date can vary and the festivities remain a constant.

Buddha is honored on this special day through candlelit processions called wian tian, flowers, and incense.  The history of this holiday is known because of the four factors:

1) All 1250 of the Arahats returned to meet the Buddha together.

2) They were all ordained by Buddha

3)  They assembled themselves without any prior preoccupation

4)  It was on a full moon day of Magha month (March).

Tum boon, or participating in Buddhist activities and going to temples is a common occurrence and respect for those celebrating Magha Puja.

~Have a wonderful Magha Puja Day 2012~


Magha Puja

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