Jul 15, 2012

Malate Church: A Historical Landmark

Malate Church Photo

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Malate Church is one of Manila’s oldest standing buildings, and one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Not the largest or most ornate church in the city, Malate Church is famous for its complex facade and impressive history. With its classic Baroque style and location facing Manila Bay, Malate Church is an iconic figure in a city that is rich in Catholic Churches.

Malate Church History


Old Malate Church Image

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Malate Church was originally built in 1588, and is still in service today. The building has taken a few blows in its history. A Typhoon in 1868 destroyed the church completely, and the church was rebuilt in the same location. During World War II, the church took severe structural damage. Malate Church was restored in the 1950’s its current state, but the church still retains the same stone facade and baroque styling that it exuded in the 16th century.

Baroque & Muslim Influences


Malate Church Door Image

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With both Baroque and Muslim influences, Malate Church is one of the most architecturally interesting churches in all of Manila. With a beautiful stone facade, the exterior of the church gives off a solemn and tranquil vibe. In a 21-century urbanized neighborhood, Malate Church looks out of place, like it’s being edged out by its newer, more modern neighbors.

A Quick Tour of Malate Church


Inside Malate Church Photo

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A tour of Malate Church begins at the side gates near the rear of the building. The interior of the church is as much an antique as the exterior of the church. With sparse decoration, low lighting, and a lack of color and frescos, this is a very traditional church. It’s certainly not going to win any “most beautiful church” awards, and its stripped down look gives it a historical air.

Malate Church Photos

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The church is quiet, very well maintained, and is a popular location for weddings. Weekends are typically busy days at the church. If you’re looking to take a tour, visit during a weekday when the crowds and wedding parties are not filling the pews.

With a great location just off of Roxas Boulevard near Manila Bay, Rajah Sulayman Park, and Remedios Circle, Malate Church is worth a quick visit if you’re in the area.

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