Feb 2, 2012

Manila Pavilion Hotel

Fooled By Appearances At The Manila Pavilion Hotel

Manila Pavilion Hotel

via: Welcome to my B&B

Manila Pavilion Hotel Photo

via: Welcome to my B&B

Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino is a popular hotel choice for business travelers and tourists looking primarily for location and affordability. The building was built and run by the Hilton Hotel line in the 1980′s, and ownership is now in the hands of Waterfront Hotels, a reputable hotel line with locations through the Philippines. Apart from an elegant renovation to the hotel lobby, not much has changed in the past 30 years.

The casino at Manila Pavilion Hotel is still small, yet suitable. The hotel is still just a short walk from excellent shopping and dining options on Robinson Mall and Roxas Boulevard. The rooms are still spacious and affordable. But, what is that smell…?

Bit By Bed Bugs?

Though the hotel claims to be undergoing ongoing renovation, no rooms in the building appear to be renovated. Rooms are hit or miss, but none deserve a “four-star” rating. In the worst rooms the carpeting is musty, fading, and dirty. Hotel walls are yellowed with cigarette smoke or who knows what, and bathrooms are missing towels or molding. Several recent guests have complained of being bit by bed bugs.

The best rooms at Manila Pavilion Hotel have working CRT televisions, clean sheets, and offer a great view of the city. The hotel is chronically understaffed, and though the helpful is generally helpful when prompted to be so, the maintenance of guest rooms is severely lacking.

If You Must Stay at Manila Pavilion Hotel…

If shopping is what you’re after, and you can find a decent deal at Manila Pavilion Hotel, then this can be a decent choice, given that you follow 3 simple rules.

1) Wait For a Deal: Manila Pavilion Hotel offers promotions and deals that can make it a dirt cheap stay. With easy access to some of Manila’s best shopping and dining experiences, in some cases it may be worth putting up with this Hotel.

2) Ask For a Renovated Room: You might just get lucky?

3) Ask For a Lower Floor: If there are no recently renovated rooms available, available rooms on higher floors – they typically come with less maintenance, and a musty smell.

The hotel lobby is deceiving, as they do not reflect the state of many of the hotel’s rooms. If you’re a risk taker, and a guest who’s willing to battle with management to find an appropriate room, this can be value pick. Don’t trust us, read the reviews HERE.

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