Jul 21, 2012

Po Lin Monastery: An Unbeatable Day Trip

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Sightseeing, hiking, and discovering Hong Kong’s natural beauty and cultural beauty are just a few of the perks of visiting Po Lin Monastery. Famous for its sweeping scenic views, Po Lin Monastery sits humbly on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island, serving Buddha devotees and tourists from all over the world. For first time visitors to Hong Kong, a day trip to Po Lin Monastery is an absolute necessity!

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Originally known as “The Big Hut,” this ever-evolving monastery officially opened in 1924. Lantau Island is the perfect tranquil location for a Buddhist monastery. In a serene setting, the monastery is situated on a vast, 520-metre high plateau between Lantau Peak and Lei Nak Peak. The monastery has grown steadily since its inception as a “thatched hut”.

Why The Po Lin Monastery is Required Viewing

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A visit to Po Lin Monastery is less about seeing a monastery, and more about experiencing all of the attractions that surround Po Lin Monastery and Lantau Island. Here are just a few of the must-see attractions that make a trip to Po Lin Monastery required viewing in Hong Kong.

Tian Tan Buddha Steals The Show

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Today, the monastery is home to Tian Tan Buddha, or “The Big Buddha.” Tian Tan Buddha is an extension of Po Lin Monastery, and the most famous single attraction at the monastery. A walk to the base of the Tian Tan Buddha’s platform tends to awaken a feel of spirituality in first time visitors, whether Buddhist or not. The feeling evoked by the dense greenery, and foggy backdrop pitted against a towering Buddhist icon makes The Big Buddha a must-see.

Follow The Wisdom Path

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The Wisdom Path is a tranquil footpath that guides you along with a meditative chant, displaying Chinese characters that recite the Heart Sutra as you make this peaceful stroll. The path leads to trails that branch off the plateau, offering visitors opportunities for hiking.

The boldest visitors take the trail leading up Hong Kong’s second-highest peak, Lantau Peak. Hiking aficionados speak highly of the hike up Lantau Peak. The hike takes about 90 minutes. Check the weather report before you go, and bring water!

Take The Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

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Stop by Ngong Ping 360, which includes Ngong Ping village, and Hong Kong’s famous gondola lift. Take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car from the MTR Tung Chung Station to Po Lin Monastery. Ngong Ping 360 provides incredible views of Hong Kong’s forests and waterways.

Visit in the morning and you’ll avoid the crowds. Barring bad weather, you could experience a gorgeous view of a sunrise from Lantau Peak. The monastery is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The monastery is free to visit, however, there is an admission fee for both Ngong Ping 360, and Tian Tan Buddha.

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