Jan 15, 2012

Sands SkyPark

Sands SkyPark  in Singapore

Sands SkyPark

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Singapore‘s Marina Bay Sands Resort is an impressive architectural feat, a marvel of Singapore‘s skyline, and a wonder of the modern world. The Marina Bay Sands Skypark, essentially a massive boat shaped building laying horizontally across three skyscrapers, is hosted by the magnificent Marina Bay Sands hotel. The five-star hotel is the world’s most expensive, and the Sands Skypark is it’s most prized attraction.

Arguably, the view from the street is as impressive as the view from the observation deck of the Sands SkyPark. Fifty-five stories up the Marina Band Sands Resort you’ll find an observation area capable of hosting up to 3,900 visitors. The SkyPark features a curved 150-meter pool, several jacuzzi, and an unbeatable view of Singapore’s skyline.

Sands SkyPark Swimming Pool

Sands SkyPark

via: Wojtek Gurak

Only hotel guests can take a dip in Sand SkyPark’s swimming pool, giving them a once-in-a-lifetime breathtaking view of the city. Visitors are no longer allowed access to this area, relegating them to an “observation deck.” Given this change, the best way to experience the SkyPark is to stay at the hotel. Visitors who pay for access to the Sands SkyPark’s observation deck pay a hefty fee to see Singapore’s skyline. The view is not unlike that of the Empire State Building in New York, KL Towers in Kuala Lumpur, but try floating on a lounge chair over a pristine 150-meter pool watching the the sun rise over New York City…

Public Observation Deck

Public Observation Deck SandsPark

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The Public Observation Deck is a ticketed area and is open to the public. The Sands SkyPark’s deck is higher than the Singapore Flyer’s, the lines are often shorter, and the ticket is cheaper. Pick a clear day so that you can catch a glimpse of Malaysia and Indonesia. Grab a bite to eat, or stop for a drink at Ku De Ta Bar to sample some of Singapore‘s nightlife. Once in the bar, you will have free access to the SkyPark.

Avoid the lines by visiting on a weeknight. Crowds and lines are long on weekends and public holidays. The tickets are $20 each. The Observation Deck is open from 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM Monday-Thursday, and closes at 11:00 PM on Friday-Sunday.

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