Mar 9, 2012

Rest & Relax At Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

Looking for cheap fun in Singapore? Need to get away from the busy city center? Look no further than Singapore Botanic Gardens, a free 74-hectare park in Singapore’s city center.

This is an attraction where you’ll see as many locals as you do tourists. For 150 years, the botanic gardens have attracted tourists and locals looking to experience nature’s beauty. The park is open from 5:00 AM to midnight and sees thousands of visitors every single day.

A Tropical Rainforest Within City Limits!

Singapore is one of only two cities in the world which has a tropical rainforest within its city limits. Within the Botanic Gardens you will see dense greenery, vibrant colors, and magnificent flora. Ponds are stocked full of fish, turtles, and pond lilies. It’s evident at first glance that the park was not only well-planned, but is immaculately maintained. Though the Botanic Gardens is massive, and you could spend a whole day walking the parks, you needn’t worry about getting lost, as the paths are clearly marked and easy to navigate.


Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Singapore Botanic Gardens Photo

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Restaurants and cafes dot the Garden, though they don’t compromise the aesthetic value of the park. Food For Thought, Casa Verde, and Au Jardin are good food choices if you’re not the picnic type. The real attraction at the Botanic Gardens is the National Orchid Garden.

The National Orchid Garden

Singapore Botanic Gardens Image

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The National Orchid Garden is the must-see attraction of the Botanic Gardens. The Orchid Garden contains largest display of tropical orchids in the world, including Singapore’s national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim.  The Orchid Garden offers incredible photo opportunities for lovers of all things flora. Even non-flower-lovers come away impressed with the remarkably well-manicured displays.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Picture

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The National Orchid Garden includes an Orchidarium, a Coolhouse, Misthouse, and several other buildings which house collections of orchids and hybrids. There is plenty to see, and we would suggest planning to spend one hour to 90 minutes in the Garden. The National Orchid Garden is open from 8:30 to 7:00 PM. Admission is $5 for adults, and $1.00 for students, and senior citizens.

Five Tips For Making The Most Of Your Trip To Singapore Botanic Gardens:

1) Visit early in the morning: You’ll beat the heat, the crowds, and be able to enjoy peace and relaxation. It’s rare that a park this beautiful is not only free, but open to the public at 5:00 AM as well. The only people you’ll see are walkers, runners, and Tai Chi practitioners.

2) Walking shoes + water: The Gardens are huge, you’ll want comfortable shoes and some water. While water is available to purchase in several places, water and bathrooms are long distances apart.

3) Picnic near The Shaw Foundation Stage:

The Shaw Foundation Stage

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The Shaw Foundation Stage hosts concerts and live performances all year. The elevated knoll surrounding the stage is a great place to settle in for a picnic and live music. The food court near Tanglin Gate makes for a good backup option if you’re not the picnic type.

4) Visit the Orchid Garden:

Orchid Garden

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Pay the admission fee for a visit to the Orchid Garden. Many visit the park ONLY for the Orchid Garden, although we would recommend enjoying the park’s free perks as well.

5) Allot 3-4 hours: Look, you’re doing plenty of rushing around in the city, plan for a half-day trip and you’ll get more enjoyment out of your trip to Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.

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