Jul 11, 2012

Beat The Heat At Snow City Singapore

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If you’re looking to escape Singapore’s heat and humidity, and you have young kids, then hop on down to Snow City Singapore for an hour. Snow City is a 3 story, 3,000-square-metre indoor snow park in heart of Singapore. Located right next door to the Science Centre in Jurong East, Snow City is a popular attraction for Southeast Asia’s snow-less population.

For Novices Only

Snow City Singapore Sledding

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Snow City Singapore is a great destination for ski and snowboard novices. If you’re a skier, snowboarder, or you’ve spent any amount of time in the snow, skip Snow City Singapore and save your money.

Snow City Singapore was built on the premise that Southeast Asian’s have not spent time in the snow, and enjoy the novelty of snow. The park has been a hit, entertaining bus loads of local children, as well as tourists looking to escape Singapore’s hot summer days. Young children love the park, especially those who spend most of their leisure time on the beach.

Snow Chamber Is The Attraction

Twelve-hundred of the park’s 3,000 metres are used for “Snow Chamber,” a 60-metre-long ski slope. Skiers, snowboarders, and tubers trek up and down this novice ski slope. There’s no lift here, and visitors climb many stairs to ride back down the slope. On busy days, the slope can be a mess, with melting snow and icy conditions. The park does offer year-round ski and snowboard lessons for beginners.

Icy Conditions

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The park’s temperature is kept at -5 degrees celsius – frigid for Singaporeans (or anyone for that matter). The park’s snowpack leaves much to be desired. Slippery, icy skiing and tubing conditions is what you’ll find, not the powder that most come searching for. For those unfamiliar with powder, the Snow Chamber’s ski slope should work just fine.

Bring Your Own Gear If You Have It

If you have it, bring your own cold-weather gear. SnowCity Singapore provides jackets, pants, gloves, and other gear for rent, but long lines and worn duds make renting apparel a hassle. No cameras are allowed inside Snow City. The park has their own photographers, and you’ll pay a hefty price for these professional photos.

An Hour Should Do

Package a quick trip to Snow City Singapore with a longer tour of Science Centre. Buy the “Combo Package,” which includes 1 hour of snow time, and admission to the Science Centre. You won’t need more than an hour at the park, as there’s only one slope, the temperatures are kept below freezing, and for many families, the novelty wears off pretty quick.

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