Jun 11, 2012

St. John the Baptist Feast Day 2012 – June 24th

Feast of John the Baptist

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What is The Feast Day of St. John the Baptist?

John the Baptist was the cousin of Jesus and it is noted in scripture that he is six months older than Jesus.  Since the birth of Christ was given the date of December 24th, June 24th has been dedicated to the birth of John the Baptist.

A notable difference in the celebration of this Saint’s day compared to the others is that this is on the mark of his birth, rather than his death.

Centuries ago, groups would hang St. John’s Wort above their doors in order to ward of spirits and to heal themselves and their families.

Where is it celebrated in Southeast Asia?

All over the world where Catholics remember one of the most important Saints.  In the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc where there are Catholics, St. John is remembered for his works and teachings.

How is it celebrated?

Throughout the world, this day is celebrated in conjunction with the June solstice.  Bonfires, fireworks and parties accompany this day in celebration of the birth and life of St. John the Baptist.  Others will celebrate this day in remembrance and solitude.

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