Jan 21, 2012

Walking Street in Pattaya

Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand


Walking Street in Pattaya is everything that you’ve heard it is, and more. Lined with restaurants, go-go bars, beer bars, cabaret shows, and brothels, Pattaya’s Walking Street is colorful, diverse, loud, crowded, bright, and of course, sinful. Whether you decide to immerse yourself in the action, or simply to experience the sights, Walking Street in Pattaya is one of Thailand’s must-see destinations.

Walking Street Map

Walking Street’s Best Night Clubs

Pattaya’s red light district is all lights and action, and some of the best places to enjoy Pattaya’s action is at Walking Street’s many nightclubs. Candy Shop, Lucifer, Marine Disco, Club Insomnia, Tony’s and Mixx Lounge are some of the largest, and most popular clubs on Walking Street in Pattaya. Like the demographics on the street, these clubs serve up a variety of musical flavors, playing everything from trance to R&B. Start your nightclub tour no earlier than 12:00 AM, as many of these clubs don’t start heating up until 1:00 AM or later.

Food & Bar Scene on Walking Street

Walking Street in Pattaya

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Visit the street before 9:00 PM if you are looking for a quiet meal at a quality seafood restaurant. Though prices can be high in this part of the city, several restaurants, notably the Lobster Pot, offer great seafood choices. Beer Garden, Casanovas, and the Champion are great spots for food and drinks. Some of the best live music on the street can be found at Rolling Stone bar. Red Lion bar is a great open-air bar for participating in Walking Street’s most famous sport –  people watching. Red Lion offers reasonable drink prices, and like most of Walking Street’s bars and clubs, it offers free entry.

Walking Street in Pattaya Thailand

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Apart from the standard red-light district fare, the street also hosts Muay Thai boxing fights, cheap Thai spas and fantastic street food. On any given night you can sample fried grasshoppers, frogs, silkworms, and a variety of street-style seafood at any of Walking Street’s food stalls.

GoodBuy Tip

Walk from Beach Road to Bali Hai Pier between 6:00 PM and 2:00, when the street is closed to car traffic, and throngs of tourists and locals show up for the party. During the high-season, crowds can make traversing the street a tricky game, but a stroll down Walking Street in Pattaya shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two. Though seedy and sleazy, the street is relatively safe. The aggressiveness, in-your-face sales tactics and pushy doormen don’t seem to exist here. Prostitutes line the streets, but are mostly respectful of families and passersby. Regardless, this is a red-light district, and we would not recommend bringing the kids after 9:00 PM. Be aware of pick-pockets and kids selling glow rings.

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