Feb 22, 2012

Waterbom Bali: Best Water Slides in Southeast Asia?

Bali’s Waterbom, located in Kuta, Bali, is one of the most impressive waterpark’s in Southeast Asia. With 17 slides, a kid’s area, and attractions for the whole family, Waterbom Bali is a relaxing escape from Bali’s beaches. A spotless, safe, and impeccably-manicured water park with attentive staff and impressive slides, this park is Bali’s cant-miss amusement park.

Why Waterbom Bali?

Waterbom Bali

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The park uses tubes on many of its slides, making many of its best slides multi-person rides. Waterbom Bali features multiple pools, a pool bar, gazebos for rent, massages, a “Fish Spa,” temporary tattoos, and tons of fun for the kids. The park’s Lazy River is one of the best we’ve ever seen. With cascading waterfalls, thick foliage, and plenty of shade, it’s a relaxing and peaceful way to get out of the sun… but you didn’t come for relaxation and massages, you came for the slides!

Best Slides?

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The best slides at Waterbom Bali are the fastest, Climax, Boomerang, and Splashdown top taht list. Macaroni, and Raft River notable slides, as they are longer multi-person slides that hurl riders at high speeds for nearly a minute each. Raft River best of the “long slides” at the park.

Climax put you into a test-tube-like chamber for an anxiously long wait. When the attendant taps a button, the floor drops out under your feet, and you’re flung 70 km/hr down a vertical slide. Climax is second to only Smashdown in terms of sheer speed.


Smashdown is a shorter, steeper, faster version of Climax. The slide tops out at 75km/hr speeds. This slide is not unlike many of the requisite steep vertical slides you see at water parks around the world, difference being that Smashdown features an enclosed section near the top of the ride.

Boomerang is one of the newest additions at the park. A favorite of many visitors, Boomerang is the most unique slide at the park. This 1-2 person tube-slide shoots you into a 60-degree half-pipe before hurling you down a runway into a landing pool.

Superbowl is a giant 1-2 person raft-slide that spits you out into a giant circular bowl before funneling you into a pool. Long lines and lack of thrill make this slide one to skip. The ride simply isn’t all that fast, and there are better multi-person slides with shorter lines at the park.

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