Jan 9, 2012

Wetland Park, In Hong Kong

Hong Kong Wetland Park

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The Hong Kong Wetland Park is an award-winning wetlands park located in the shadows of Hong Kong’s bustling metropolis. The Wetland Park’s mission is to promote conservation, educate Hong Kong residents and world travelers about the world’s wetlands, and brand itself as a world-class tourist destination. The park opened in May 2006, and has served over a million visitors a year since it opened.

Located along one of Asia’s most important migratory routes in the Northern part of Tin Shui Wai in Yuen Long, this green oasis spans 60 hectares, and features state-of-the-art facilities, all within an arms reach of Hong Kong’s city center.  On a clear day the Hong Kong skyline serves as a backdrop for the park, offering an amazing contrast between two very different worlds.

Hong Kong Wetlands Park is well-mapped, and directions are easy to follow – choosing which exhibits to see, which “Walks” to take, and how to take it all in is another story. Some of the most popular attractions at the Wetlands Stream Walk, Succession Walk, Mangrove Boardwalk, three Bird Hides,

The Wetland Reserve

The Stream, Succession, Mangrove, and Wildside walks all provide great opportunities for viewing the best of Hong Kong’s flora and fauna. On any of the four walks you’ll see mudskippers, crabs, frogs, reptiles, insects, and a variety of aquatic plants. The boardwalks are outfitted with stationary binoculars and telescopes. There are also three shaded bird-watching huts, which, if you’re quiet, allow you great opportunities to see many species of birds. The Wetland Discovery Centre is a welcome air-conditioned respite from the heat of the Wetland walks.

Any time of year is a good time to see Hong Kong Wetland Park. In the summer you’ll be treated to shows of dragonflies and butterflies. During the winter the park becomes one of the best places in the world for bird watching, as the wetland park is located along one of the world’s major migratory routes.

Wetlands Interactive World

The 10,000 square meter state-of-the-art Wetlands Interactive World features the Visitor Centre, a 200-seat movie theatre, a children’s learning area “Swamp Adventure” and many interactive exhibits. The exhibits teach and instruct via hands-on demonstrations, and touch-screen games that utilize some of the finest technology of any nature reserve in the world. The Visitors Centre serves to instruct visitors as to the relationships between human culture and wetlands, underscoring the importance of maintaining wetlands around the world.

This two-story building is a short walk from the ticket office, and serves as a launching point for visitors. The 200-seat movie theatre shows short films about wetlands, and is used primarily as an introduction to the project, and many visitors find the films to be a good starting point for learning about the wetlands.

The Hong Kong Wetlands Park is served by MTR light rail, and is a quick ride from Hong Kong’s city centre. Expect to spend two-four hours exploring the park. Plan your trip using the park’s official “trip planner”: http://www.wetlandpark.com/en/exhibition/plan.asp. The park is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM all days except for Tuesday. The park is closed all day on Tuesday. The ticket office opens at 9:30 AM. Entry tickets cost $30 for adults, and $15 for children.

The Mai Po Nature Reserve in Yuen Long is a comparable experience, albeit closer to nature.
The park is off of the beaten path for many tourists. A must-see if you are in Yuen Long or are staying in Ginza.

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